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SHP is a provider of consumer products that improve safety, security, healthy and quality of life. Carbon monoxide and radon detectors, emergency preparedness equipment, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, pet products, pest control solutions and home medical equipment are just a few of the over 5,000 products. It was established in 1999 as a woman-owned business, serves nearly 100,000 clients worldwide. It has its customer service and fulfillment headquarters in lowa city, lowa; they ship to all 50 states, U.S. Territories and to most countries.

Requirements & Issues

As the market had become wider, they were not able to apportion their time towards maintaining the books of accounts as required.

They needed a well established team who can work on a daily basis with dedication and imparting quality in the process which can help them to solve their bookkeeping and accounting issue.

Solution offered

We from Integra offered our support, to join and work with our client to share their bookkeeping and accounting work.

The Accounting software chosen was Quickbooks2007. Process oriented details are maintained in a separate Web server and a web based email to transfer information among customers & vendors. Using Remote access we access the desktop's and share their work process. Software named as Scan Snap Organizer is used for managing .pdf regarding packing slips, invoices, bill & statements.

Bookkeeping activity managed by us

  • Open purchase order to their vendors which are from customers
  • Update shipment Information to customers regarding their orders
  • Discerning if an order is a drop Ship or Inventory
  • Receiving Inventory
  • Entering Invoices for drop ships and other bills
  • Entering invoices for inventory Items
  • Entering adjustments to inventory for returns or shipment receipts or other
  • Determining if a vendor is paid by check or credit
  • Reconciling bank and credit card accounts

Process updates handled by us

Daily update

  • Updating the clarifications received for the previous day's queries
  • Clarifying the vendors for the queries asked for
  • Queries regarding the process

Weekly reports

  • Open Purchase Order List
  • Vendor Balance Update
  • Pending Queries regarding the process which are unanswered during the week

Monthly reports

  • Accounts Payable aging report
  • Accounts Receivable aging report
  • Reconciliation update
  • Uncleared transactions from prior reconciliation.
  • Financial reports (Income Statement & Balance Sheet)
  • Cash flow statement

Successful relationship

When we started, we only handled some minimal tasks in the whole process. Looking at our quality of work and dedication, our client was very happy and passed on more and more pieces of their work. Now we completely maintain their books along with totally managing the online payment activities. This shows the high level of confidence & trust that we have with our clients.

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