Email marketing

Email marketing is a very successful marketing methodology for online retailers. Companies such as Amazon, Vista print and Staples make fantastic use of email marketing to grow their sales. It is a method in which an advertiser sends sales letters or newsletters through emails to targeted customers with an aim to offer products and services. The purpose is to sell these goods and services, retain the current customers and bring new clients to the market.

The biggest benefit of email marketing is that it costs lot less than traditional advertisements media advertisements or search engine advertisements. We have email marketing experts to take care of your email marketing from start to finish. Our services include

  • Collection of email addresses
  • Verification of email addresses
  • Management of email lists
  • Creation of email copy (writing content)
  • Creation of disclaimer and unsubscribe copy
  • Preparation of newsletters (HTML or text)
  • Creating newsletter
  • Deliver the ads by bulk email software
  • Use email marketing best practices
  • Analysis of email performance
  • A/B testing with multiple emails

Our services span across various industries in online retail. We have proud history of helping companies grow with absolutely no overheads, build their customer base and expand into massive business.

We offer a FREE trial of our services during which we will give you an email ticketing agent exclusively to you for 1 week. You get a chance to explore the services at absolutely no cost to you.

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