60% cost savings – Kitchen & bathroom materials

Client is an online seller of kitchen, bathroom and plumbing material supplier.


The client wanted a team to handle various aspects of web research and finding information on the internet. Client will just send us a list of products (just the name of the company and the item name and code).The relevant details need to be researched and information obtained from various sources before uploading the same to the client's website.

What do we do?

  • Research and get relevant information related to the product from the various websites
  • Calculate the selling price
  • Set the minimum quantity to be available for sales in website
  • Develop content & update the client's website
  • Research SEO keywords for the products
  • Input the packaging information (length and breadth) etc
  • Periodically update the pricing of the products or delete the obsolete products.

So far, we have listed around 7,000 products for this client alone. We handle many similar tasks for several other clients of us.

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