Competitor research

We help online retailers to fix the price of their products in comparison with others in the market. We analyze your competitor prices and provide you recommendations on your pricing. This gives you the ability to adjust pricing quickly and compete effectively to gain more sales.

With the proliferation of price comparison tools, customers are always on the lookout to purchase products at the lowest price. If the price of your product is higher than your competitor, then your sales volume will be affected, even if you have a good history and reputation. We help you to find the prices your competitors are selling, so that you can adjust your price quickly. This gives you the ability to be competitive and increase your sales volume.

If the products are listed on eBay and Amazon, we use tools such as Terapeak and Camel Camel Camel for product comparison and price changes. We notify you as soon as your competitor drops their price. You can match or decrease your price so that you are always on top of the competition.

Our tasks include

  • Check the price or price drop of your competitors
  • Notify you about the price difference
  • Change the price of your product on Amazon or eBay
  • Track the sales before and after price change
  • Prepare useful reports helping you take decisions
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