Every website has to be optimized for the appropriate keywords and ranked in search engines in order for it to generate traffic that brings in sales. Just by hosting a website with text, it will not be flooded with targeted traffic and sales. Optimization of the website needs to be done by a search engine optimization expert.

Now you can hire our SEO expert to work on your website to generate targeted traffic and sales.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts have complete knowledge of optimizing your website to get top organic results in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page & Search Engine Result Position). We follow search engines guide lines to optimize & rank your website.

Our SEO tasks include

  • Analysis of your website with various tools and techniques
  • Generate a list of keywords and send it to you for approval
  • Analyze your website with the list of approved keywords and suggest changes to be made on every page
  • Modify title, description and alt tags on the pages that are to be optimized
  • Run report of how your website is viewed by search crawlers
  • Once we are satisfied that the website is perfect, we manually submit the website to search engines and directories and closely monitor the inclusion of the pages in the search index
  • Start link exchange campaign to get inbound links, to increase the search rank, page rank and traffic
  • Analyze the reports and recycle the process again
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