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Client is an online petroleum supplementary seller. They generate huge number of visitors to their site and high volume orders as a result of successful marketing and affiliate strategies. They wanted a total customer care solution that included help in order processing, live chat, E-mail ticketing support and 24/7 call center.

Our solution

We assembled a team of customer care specialists and quickly got trained on the respective customer service areas. We initially started with order processing where the orders submitted will be converted into an excel sheet & sent to the centralized warehouse. The order processing should be completed within 24 hours time.

We interact with warehouse to make sure all the orders are shipped. We also help the incomplete orders to get it completed. That is, we email or call the customers who have problems in completing the orders and help them complete the order.

Within just 4 weeks from our first discussion, we took on all the aspects of customer services and are successfully managing it for many months now.

The tasks we handle

  • Order processing
  • 24/7 call center
  • Email ticketing services
  • Live chat answering
  • Blogs and forums

Our difference

  • Automatically adjust work-load by cross training of staff
  • Technology support for implementation and maintenance of chat application
  • Preparation of Customised queries and replies based on feedback
  • Updations of client's blogs & forums to spread the knowledge

We work with this client very closely and have offered all our expertise and knowledge. They did not have to look for any other supplier, as we had everything to run a successful online business. Now they are considering expanding their online empire into various other products and no need to guess where they will get all their help from.

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