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Now you can instantly get all the help to run your online business. Our virtual staffs have extensive experience and know-how to help you successfully operate your online store.

  • Catalogue-management

    Catalogue management

    Product listing, competitor research, Website/image maintenance and more

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  • processing

    Order processing/bookkeeping

    Invoice processing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping and similar tasks

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  • Customer-care

    Customer care

    Support your customers through Email, telephone and live chat agents

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  • Marketing


    Manage your online strategies including SEO, Email marketing and advertising

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"We get instant access to a pool of multi- talented people. VS4OR's rates are unbelievably low, but their professionalism and work ethics is top notch. We are very happy to have found VS4OR. Strongly recommend!"

--Rob Croft, eBay Powerseller

"I have 3 agents working exclusively for me. They look after my product listings, pre-sales support and post-sales customer care. They even do my accounting. I am planning to set up 3 more stores using this successful model"

--Andrew Paisley, Amazon store owner

"VS4OR agents look after my customer care. They answer our enquiry calls, delivery calls and support calls. They manage my helpdesk ticketing system desk and also answer live chat on my website 24/7. I am glad to recommend VS4OR.

--Sarah Symonds, Online store owner

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Our virtual staffs are experts in their jobs and are available to you 24/7/365. We help several online businesses from US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, China, India, South Africa and Europe. Start with us now and grow your online business empire.

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