Our team

Responsible for the planning strategies and has played a significant part in the growth achieved by Integra since inception. His prior experience includes more than 20+ years of experience in Fortune companies in various capacities across finance, operations, marketing and management. He has a Masters in Engineering with an MBA from Florida.

Ganesh Ranganathan, MD

Heads the European division of the company and is responsible for driving the sales and marketing efforts. He resides in London (UK) and has 15+ years of experience in working on the forefront of technology and service innovations in the outsourcing industry. His prior work experience spans across companies such as Satyam, GE, Wipro, Nokia and Panasonic, with implementing several successful projects with multiple global corporations in Europe and Asia.

Rajesh Velayuthasamy, MD

His hands on experience at the bottom, middle and top level management has brought tremendous growth to the company and success to our clients. More than 15+ years of experience in working with internet and web based support with clients across continents and in several industries. Prior experience in working with large companies such as Yahoo India, Rediff and Honda to manage several projects. Has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Corporate Law and a Master's degree in International Business.

Aravind Kumar, MD

His focus on quality and motivation is the primary reason why we have dozens of satisfied clientele. Responsible for the leadership and execution of the operations at our branch in India. 15+ years of experience in management, human resources and outsourcing. He has a Bachelor's in Accounting and Company Law and an MBA with a focus in management.

Ram Prakash, MD

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